Our Small Press…

Treasure Light Press was conceived in conversation: “If we’d like to see special books published the way we’d like to see them done, why not do it ourselves?” Thus our beginning.

Benerson Little–head researcher, writer, annotator, acquisitions editor, and general jack-of-all-publishing trades–was an early fan of Rafael Sabatini’s novels, Captain Blood in particular, ultimately inspiring him to become the author of five non-fiction works on piracy and sea roving, including The Sea Rover’s PracticePirate Hunting, and The Golden Age of Piracy. He is also the author of Fortune’s Whelp, a novel, and is at work on other works of fiction and non-fiction.

He was also the historical consultant to the STARZ network’s critically-acclaimed Black Sails television drama for all four seasons, has consulted or appeared on other television shows on the subject of piracy, and is at present the historical consultant to Firelock Games’s critically-acclaimed Blood & Plunder historical table top game, as well as Oak & Iron, a tabletop game of ‘historical naval battles set in the age of piracy.’ He has been a fencer for forty-three years, a fencing teacher for twenty-three, and is a former Navy SEAL, from his youth having sought swashbuckling maritime adventure alongside his aspirations in literature and history.

Mary Crouch–publisher, CEO, CFO, and editor-in-chief–is a specialist in Latin American and Spanish history and culture, and also in Spanish language education, having in her travels lived in or visited Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Spain. She has assisted in the research and pre-submission editing of several of Benerson Little’s books, is co-writing a book on the food and cooking of pirates and the Spanish Main with him (Latin American cooking is one of her hobbies), and is also an excellent writer and fencer.

Aboard the Pinta (I think), summer 2019. Photo by Courtney Little.

Benerson Little and Mary Crouch are married with two children, Aidan and Eleanor. Benerson also has two adult children, Courtney and Bree, both of whom participate in various capacities in a variety of family ventures and adventures, including Treasure Light Press.

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