The Romantic Ideal

“But fortunately romance never dies. The spiritual hunger of humanity seeks nourishment in ideals, which it is the business of romance to furnish. Romance is of no particular time or age. If it has usually preferred to lean upon the remote epochs, it is only because the remote is easier to idealise.”

–Rafael Sabatini, “My New Adventures of Captain Blood,” Pearson’s Magazine, December 1929.

Publicity still, Captain Blood (Warner Bros., 1935).

Beyond the Armchair…

“Pish, child! The fellow’s an adventurer.”

Her agreement shocked and dismayed him more than contradiction could have done.

“So I had supposed,” she smiled distractingly. “I love adventurers and the adventurous.”

—Rafael Sabatini, The Black Swan, 1931.

“Dutch Ships in the Roads of Texel; in the middle the ‘Gouden Leeuw’, the Flagship of Cornelis Tromp.” Ludolf Bakhuysen, 1671. Rijksmuseum.